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An Innovative Plastic Molding Company

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Leading Thermosetting and Thermoplastic Plastic Molding Solutions in Malaysia

Established in 1996 and situated just outside the southern boundary of the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur, the company has since evolved into the biggest and most successful thermoset plastic custom molder in the country.

We continue to drive our passion for seeking excellence in the things that we do best while subscribing to the newest know how and technologies in today’s competitive global business environment.

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Years Experience

Let’s build the future of plastic moulding with innovation.

With more than 25 years in the custom molding industry, we have developed a lasting reputation for providing quality products at competitive prices for companies ranging from small to big business.

Maintain Reputation

Maintaining our reputation as 'Most Preferred Vendor' to all our customers and continue to lead in the field of thermosetting plastics molding.

Be Transparent

Continue practising clear, open communication with all our customers and suppliers under the 'Joint Prosperity' concept.

Top In Class

Uncompromising ambitions to drive the company's development as the top-rated precision thermoset plastic molding company in the global market.

Green Manufacturing With Intercosmo


Sustainability is at the core of what we do, driving every decision we make as we move along the manufacturing chain.


Our Manufacturing Process

At Intercosmo we have a long-standing commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and care for our environment in our manufacturing processes and facilities. We are certified to ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) since the year 2000. We set up activities and aim to reduce waste from the rejection and product design and promote paperless, energy-saving, and recycling.

We ensure that our business practices are in compliance with laws and social norms, as well as our corporate standards. We also are respectful of culture, human rights, and by conduct based on high ethical values.

Our Policy

Making sustainable development a reality and foundation of all our business aspects.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to create a better future for our environment.

Quality Assurance Policy

Exceptional quality in our manufacturing processes, reduces waste, and improves efficiency.

Safety Policy

Safety first policy at Intercosmo.

Our Culture

Developing Our People

Our success is centered around our biggest asset; Our team of highly skilled production and management personnel, ensuring every customer’s needs.

Our culture of long term investment in training our employees has paid dividends in recent years with our high success rate in doing business with the many Japanese and multinational electrical / electronic companies in the region.

Our customers list bears testimonial to our ability to excel in meeting the narrowest of tolerances while maintaining consistency when delivering our obligations


Years of close association with Hitachi High-Technologies has enhanced our reputation for quality and has broadened our footprint on the international market for Thermosetting Plastics.

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