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Circuit Breakers
This switchgear industry calls for the most challenging of skills and experience as well as sophistication in equipment to meet expectations.

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Electrical Components
Both in thermosets and thermoplastics, part includes Thermostats Housing, Electrical Coil Bobbins, Electrical Wire Connectors, etc.

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Intercosmo Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a customer friendly, Precision Custom Molder of molded Thermoset Plastics components. We provide services in the molding of thermosetting plastics through the processes of compression, injection, transfer or injection-compression. Our capabilities are also extended to the molding of precision thermoplastic parts as well as light assemble work for electronic/electrical companies.

We pride ourselves as a One-Stop Thermosetting Plastics Solution Provider offering services from infancy of a product’s development, material selection, mold design/construction, prototype molding right through till the final stage of mass production and secondary operations.

Our pure objective is to provide all our valued customers, consistent good quality products and services within the shortest time frame.