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We work with a wide range of thermoplastics in our injection molding processes. From standard to exotic to engineered, we have experience molding many materials for different applications.


High-quality thermoplastic for versatile applications.

Built to last, thermoplastics are engineered to be strong, rigid, and lightweight.
Billions of products are manufactured from polypropylene to PPS.

With our flexible production processes and cost-effective manufacturing standards, Intercosmo can offer you fast turnaround times and high production capacities—all without compromising quality.

ISO 9001


ISO 14001





Advanced technology used throughout the manufacturing process

Injection Moulding
A precision and fast cycle technology to inject molten material with high heat and presssure into mould

Auxiliary Process

Advanced technology used throughout the manufacturing process.

Tampo Printing


Advanced technology used throughout the manufacturing process

Standard Plastics
You can find highest quality thermoplastic polymers like PP, PE, and ABS for your products from us
Engineering Plastics
When a product has a higher need for precision, stability, or resistance, we often choose engineering compounds like PA6, PA66, or PPA. Glass fibres up to 50% are frequently used and manufactured in our production
High performance plastics
If the application requires specific properties, we opt to high end compounds. In this case, we utilise materials like PPS, PEI, PEEK with different reinforcing fillers to offer you the best outcomes
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Why Our Thermoplastics?


Thermoplastics allow for a high level of energy efficiency, both in terms of manufacturing and processing.

Highly versatile

Giving customers a range of options to choose the material that best suits their vision for their plastic product.


Thermoplastics allow for the creation of large plastic products which are reasonably lightweight for their size, allowing for maximum practicality and safety.


Durability gives them a long operational lifespan, while their strength can be measured in several ways.



For more than 20 years, we’ve maintained a reputation for producing the highest quality products at the lowest per unit price.
LV Fuse Switch

The Intercosmo Fuse Switch Disconnector is designed to used with the fuse size of NH00 which offering protection for line without blades ups to a maximum of 160A.

Neutral Link

The MV-NL 100A model of Neutral Link is used as multiple neutral-earth system. It is designed as a protection device for low voltage lines.

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